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Oy, ClickChick here is my strategy for dealing with barking dogs. Put dog poo in a paper bag, a lot of fresh steaming dog poo. Leave the paper bag on your neighbors doorstep with a note attached. Write on the note:

Thank you for having such a well behaved quiet dog. Here is a token of my appreciation.

Works every time.


Hamburger, many thanks. I may just give this a try!

Baseball Fan


I like hamburger's suggestion. I have another that might work. Instead of a note, use an amazon box with a greeting card, and in the card use hamburgers message, and fill the box with steaming poop.


Another excellent suggestion. Thanks. I'm going to take a walk down to RB's place one night when I know he's not home to scope it out. Hopefully, he'll get the hint!

Nice Person

Try not to be so judgmental toward the person(s) with barking dogs. Don't just assume that they are not making an effort. If it weren't the dog barking, I'm sure you would find something else to complain about. Try to focus on the positive.

I for one find the constant lawn mowing, weed eating, lawn edging and leaf blowing in my neighborhood far more problematic than dogs barking.


Thanks for the comments, Nice Person. I beg to differe with you on this one. When someone leaves a barking dog outside when they aren't home and they know they have a "barker", then I hardly think they're making an effort. Lawn mowing, while I understand how annoying it must be for you if you don't like the sound, is a necessity unless you want lawns to look like a jungle. Barking dogs, on the other hand, that bark for 4+ hours at a stretch aren't.


It sounds like your barking dog problem is constant instead of a one time thing, in which case it really is inexcusable. I have a neighbor with whom this type of problem has been ongoing for several years, and every night for several hours at a time. I wish you luck in finding resolution to this issue, and if you do, please post as I am interested in new tactics myself.


Yeah, it has been a constant and ongoing problem. It's a tough one to fix because people tend to get very offended when you complain about dog barking. People either understand or they don't. There as supposedly noise laws after 10:00 pm in many places, but the police won't deal with the problem. Usually and anonymous call to animal control is the best bet. You might want to try it, if you haven't already. Good luck with your issue too.

chronic loss of and interrupted sleep can cause major disfunction in humans as well as health problems. myself, I've been woken up by the neighbours dog(s)several times a night, several nights a week for 6 years (since I moved here). Usually, after a couple of wakeups (loud immediate intense bark cycles)I can't sleep anymore but lie awake trying to think of a solution...more barking in the daytime clogs my thoughts with finding a solution, and I've tried them all. Anyhow, I finally figured out that a lot of the problems dealing with people at work etc..., and health deterioration were associated with sleep deprivation and the profound anxiety of waking repeatedly to the bombast of a profoudly disturbed 100 pound labrador...added to by the frustration of having no solution to the problem, and being labeled locally, primarily by the dogs' owners as THE problem, not fido, oh no...anyhow it's a serious problem, even a health risk, mental and physical...woof

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