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What beautiful pictures of your lovely day. I know you've needed some time like this, and I'm glad you took it!

Yoga is called a "practice" for a reason. :) For me, the zenness comes from turning inward, feeling my body in each pose, just being with the feeling of moving and stretching and strength. It does help to get past the point of "I put my hands where? And my feet behind? Relax and hold? What?" LOL


Oh that sounds like a wonderful day and great pictures. I guess the only thing that could have made it better would be to have the butt of a 25 year old in front, but maybe next time ;-)

Chris LaBossiere

Sounds nice indeed.....if you haven't tried Bickrams Yoga....I might suggest you give it a try. I hated it, but then again, that's because I have one of those big 36-year old married butts. Which regrettably sweats without conscience.

Otherwise, I understand it to be good for your body and spirit.


Well, I'm willing to try anything once, twice if I like it! ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion Chris.

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