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Dog Lover

Very nice idea. Thanks for the info.


as a marketing/advertising guy, i love seeing great ideas like this and companies that prove you can be successful and philanthropic at the same time.

also see

p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog.

Chris LaBossiere

Ok. So let's say that I was also caught by the title, and then scrolled quickly to the picture. Would that be acceptable if I also thought it was a fine philanthropic idea?

I hate being so intellectualy single-minded, yet still a sucker for a good story. Then again, something tells me that I am a perfect example of the target demographic.

Thanks for the post.


Target locked! The title was very carefully selected. :-) But I had the same reaction, catching the tail end of someting called "Cleavage" Creek on the car radio, so I am hardly in a position to comment. LOL!

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