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The full tank empty bladder meme reminds me of how I feel after a night in the local pub. After 2 or 3 ales, for some ungodly reason, the bladder becomes and irrepresible beast of burden which screams out for attention. One ale it seems equals 3 trips to the urinal. What's so infruiating is that more seems to come out than went in. I'm not complaining mind you. Certainly a trip to the pub urinal is much easier than being stuck on the motorway and having to run into the bushes where some up and coming blogger is snapping photos of your willy going wee wee, and then posting it on the internet for posterity. So I understand the frustration, and certainly if you have to go you have to go, so bushes are the best place when stuck on the road. Hmm, piss on bush. I like that idea.


Well, luckily, I made it to a local Starbucks Coffee store! But you are right, in that I carry my camera wherever I go, so you just never know when I blogger might catch a great shot, if you know what I mean? And just what pub is this that you frequent? Oh do tell!

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