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I agree with you that this season of the bachelor totally sucked! What a disappointment! I think the guy was a bit of a jerk, myself. I might not watch the show again as this one was a total bust! Good recap of the finale.


AE, I agree that the show turned out to be a disappointment. At least the ending. But the show itself gave us plenty of whining and cheap shots, which are a part of every Bachelor show. During the Bachelorette show, when Jen Sheft was the Bachelorette, I felt her finale was also a bust and I think she just went on the show for attention. I couldn't believe they even put her on the show after she already had such a great shot with the Andrew Firestone. Ehh well, let's hope future seasons are better than this one was. I'm sure Brad will be catching crap from everyone. Not a poplar time to be Brad Womack, ay?

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