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I have been working too much lately, so my internet browsing has been limited. To say it that computers are my pastime is a fair assessment. My second pastime is toilet humor, but alas that's unbecoming of me, so I shall try to be erudite and sharp in this post, and avoid the precarious avenue of bathroom petards. My third pastime is occasionally gorging myself with junk food, then having to address the consequences, which when you get down to it, really are not worth what one has consumed. That said, I have nothing witty or urbane to add to this discussion, other than to say what goes in comes out, sometimes. More often though with junk food, some comes out and too much stays in and turns to fat. So here's my question. Seeing how the real hamburgler eats all those big macs in the McDonalds adverts, why oh why is he so skinny? And if he's eating all those big macs, I pray to the overlord above that I never have to encounter him in the bathroom stall next to me, even if he isn't using a cell phone.


Your assumption, that what goes in comes out, is correct! That's all I will say! Don't work to hard!

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