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Hi Kat,

I was just reading your blog entry, "Honey, sell my clothes & send the Dog, C/O Rockport, Maine." I grew up in Maine and then moved out west for 13 years. I finally moved back for many of the reasons that you wrote about in your blog. Maine and the midcoast are beautiful.

I also see that you're a dog person! I publish a Maine dog newspaper called Downeast Dog News. Maine has a wonderful dog community that you've probably already discovered (another reason to love Maine). If you're still in the midcoast area, I hope you have time to stop in at a local vet or pet supply store to pick up a copy of the paper. I'd also love to have a photo of Webster enjoying Maine if your "honey" decides to send the dog.




I don't care about the state, I just like the beach. Any beach will do.

Katherine Anderson

Thanks for the feedback Holly! i do love dogs and noticed that Maine, indeed, is a very dog friendly state. I got some wonderful photos of dogs enjoying various places and will post more. Thanks again. great little dog news web site!

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