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Can I have the french fries?


Hey, Hey! I would not steer you wrong. And no need to feel guilty about the I told you, the Maine Lobstermen ( and women ) have fished them responsibly for almost 3 centuries. Glad you enjoyed it! Lobster rolls are some of the best things about Maine in the summer.


I have yet to find myself ensconced on the shores of Maine, and judging by the aperitifs represented in your photos, I am without doubt that the citizens of Maine are ecstatic that I remain on the shores of the UK, lest the end results of my eating the Maine delicacies leave the state slightly more odiferous than it was before my arrival.


Dear Hamburglar, you never know in that you might add a whole new level of excitement that the Maine townspeople have yet to enjoy! LOL!


I have little doubt that my landing on the shores of Maine, or perhaps more accurately stated, my visit to the shore of Maine after a few of their good meals, would create an air of excitement, a whiff of hysteria if your will, beyond that which is typical for their faire state. However, I am fairly certain that I am not alone, for surely the resultant post meal proof of the goodness of the food, is not limited to just I, but is quite common amongst the visitors to the state. :-)

Katherine Anderson

I am STILL trying to think of an appropriate comeback, Hamburlgar, to your very articulate, yet witty comments. Truly, a breath of fresh air if I do say so myself.

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