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I fear I lack a pithy retort to this latest discussion, as I am a Mac enthusiast myself. I could, I suppose, descend into the realms of toilet humor, for as we all know, Microsoft is the embodiment of all things which spend their time in what is otherwise known as the sewer. But, I shall refrain and take the high road.


Oh, no worries Hamburglar. Future posts will provide ample opportunity for you to display your hilarious commentary, which I've grown quite fond of. And of course, I'm very happy to learn that you have such good taste in your technology platform. ;-)


I'm not an Apple fan per se, but I decided to buy Apple stock this morning. The company is solid and has no debt. It has a passionate user base, and makes great products and will own the Hollywood production pipeline. In three years people will wish they bought Apple stock at the current price.


Hmmm ... Maybe now that you're a stockholder you'll want to support Apple directly. ;-)

I've been an Apple fan for about 6-7 years now and after fumbling with a PC in trying to get it to import video streams which took an Apple machine all of 2 minutes! I've never looked back.

Thanks for your comments and good luck with that Apple stock. Experts tend to agree with you.

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