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I did not have the pleasure of being able to view said debate, but I heard a rumor on the internet that Mr. McCain was blinking a lot because of a slight challenge with constipation. It must be true because as I have read in the newspaper Mr. McCain comments on the facts of the issues of the day are full of poop.

Katherine Anderson

I think he needs to eat more cake! That should take care of said problem, which he seems to have quite a bit! He does tend to have a crappy view of things. ;-)


It should come as little surprise that political conservatives have an excess of constipation issues. It would seem they lack a diet high in fiber and rather engross themselves in a diet high in pork and fat.

Mr. McCain would be a liberal if he took some exlax.

McCain Voter

This guy used to be good. Maybe he's too old now. I still might vote for him, but probably not. I might just stay home.


McCain Voter, I hope that you do get out and vote this year, but vote for the person whom you think will do the best job for the country and our flailing economy. It's important that we all do something to help. And it IS OK to vote outside of your normal party if you think someone else can do a better job. Competition helps keep us honest. Thanks for your comments.


The guy doesn't have to blink to lie. He says one thing and then an hour later says the total opposite. McCain has become a joke.

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