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I am speechless. Literally speechless. Please tell me this is a bad movie.


You are an excellent writer. I agree with you totally about Palin. She scares me.


zomg! She is the VP? She's an airhead.


Holly shit!


I read your blog a lot, and love your writing. I wish you would post more. It is always fun to read. I had to respond to your Palin post because you are so right. This woman is not fit to be a dog catcher let alone a VP. Thank you for saying what I have wanted to say since I saw this interview on TV.


I love your writing and have your blog bookmarked. Thank you for another wonderful post. Keep it up!


I love your stuff!

I have been shy to comment, but this is too important to stay quiet now. I am so embarrassed by Palin, so much so I thought of changing my name, but I love my name. Needless to say I will NOT be voting for McCane.


Rachel & Eileen, thank you so much for your kind and supportive comments. I'm getting back into my writing habit now that work has settled down for me a bit.

Regarding Palin,I felt I needed to speak up, especially as a woman. I find it so insulting that McCain selected a woman that has no business being in the white house. To even consider her as such is a shamble. What should ordinarily be a landmark and exciting time for women everywhere is belittled by someone like Sarah Palin.



I agree with your post. I am offended by what McCain is doing. This woman is not qualified and she is too extreme in her views.


Dear Senator McCain,

You must think women are morons. We will not fall for your attempt to patronize us. We can vote and chew gum at the same time, and this November I will vote for a democrat for the first time in my life.

Chick Voter

Hi Kat,

Love your posts. Thank you for these videos about Palin. I think John McCain is going to be shocked at the backlash coming from women voters. He must think we are stupid. He is wrong.

Dave from OK

I'm a guy, a Republican, and I find this VP pick offensive. I was going to vote for McCain until I saw the interviews with Palin. Obama did well in the debate, so my first ever vote for a democrat occurs this election.

tt train

Palin is a bad joke. Unfortunately it is not a funny joke. Very scary.


Sarah, I LOVE your name too. Coincidentally, it is my favorite name. Thank you for posting your comments. I really didn't know that very many people read my blog. I thought I was posting, mostly, for my own therapy! :-) And I'm glad you are not keeping quiet, now when it's really important.

serene - love the zomg! And yes, she is running for VP (scary, huh?).

StaphanieM, Chloe & Chick Voter - Great comments! You summed things up perfectly & I agree that there will be backlash - justifiably so. Thank you so much for your feedback. It means a lot.

Tootsie Pop

LOLZ. Palin is a tool. Give her some snoshoes and send her back to Alaska.

jupiter and venus

Palin is an idiot. No way would I vote for an airhead like that.


This was the best candidate the republicans could find? My god. We have two wars, a shaky economy, and they pick the kindergarten teacher from Alaska for VP. What are they thinking?


Meh. I thought Palin was okay at the convention. But these videos make it apparent Johhny Mac made a bonehead mistake picking her.

baseball fan

Good god that woman is embarrassing.

jumping bean

Message to GOP. When non-political blogs start posting criticisms of your candidate, you know you're screwed.

blue skies

hey, found this blog from a C&L link. I gotta say that Palin scares the hell out of me and I'm a Republican. McCain made a huge mistake selecting her. I dunno what happened to him, he used to be a solid player. Now he's become weird.

Biker Babe

McCain obviously thinks we are idiots.

55 Chevy

My gawd, she actually said "someone needs to explain to me what the VP does every day."

OMG, that is the worst thing I have ever seen from a candidate.

Dog Owner

The wheels are coming off the bus for the GOP. This woman is terrible.


I don't pay much attention to politics, but I know enough to see this chick should not be anywhere near being president.

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