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It's because you take too much metamucil Johnny boy. BTW, your VP has an even worse stench. Send her back to the frozen tundra so we don't have to smell the stink!


McCain holds his nose as he names his VP pick. What a stinker.

biker babe

That's the first thing McCain has said with which I can agree!

crusty the clown

ha! That's excellent!


ROFL. That's so true.


OMFG that's hilarious!

bb oshay

Yep, time for change there John Boy.

Blaidd Drwg

Nahhhh, he's just realized that he made poopy in his pants. Old guys have that problem sometimes, you know...

Pooper Scooper

Get out the pooper scooper brigade. Ol' Johnny is trottin' out the doggie doo-doo big time now.

Prediction: if Obama wins (likely) the stock market will begin a rally shortly after election day and begin upwards after inaguration. By summer 2009 your losses will be restored.

If McCain wins (unlikely) the Dow is going to drop to 6000.

And yes, I am an economist.


I am speechless. Which is to say that I cannot top the humor in this photo and caption. Mr. McCain has truly stepped in the proverbial "it."


The pic is funny. I watched the debate tonight and I am still stunned that McCain referred to Obama as "that one." That really made me sad.

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