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OMG, that is horrible. You can feel the hate coming from them.

Anthony StL

Oh god, this is really frightening. These people are becoming like the nuremberg rally. Thanks for posting Kat.

woot woot



The economy declines and the Republican party implodes in the hatred contained in its "base" supporters. The Republicans are heading towards becoming a permanent fringe party.


McCain is NOT going to win. This economy has woken people up, and all McCain has left are the far right fringe base people. The GOP is never going to be a majority party again in our lifetimes. If they survive as a viable party, it's going to take them a generation to undue the damage caused by sucking up to the racist right.


Yeah, I used to be a Republican, but that party has been taken over by lunatics (and I don't use that word lightly). There's no path back for the party now. The democrats are going to be the majority party for a long time, and new coalitions will need to form between the old corporate Repubs, the Libertarians, and such, and the GOP given over to these crazies.

Ted Nunes

This really makes me disgusted. I am a lifelong Republican, and my party was taken over by the religious right. I'm now Independent, as I can't bring myself to register Democrat. Nonetheless, I will not vote for McCain. My vote will go for Obama.

Zip Brody

Why do these people have all this hatred? I feel like I need a shower after watching them. The guy who filmed this has mucho courage.

Zip Brody

Why do these people have all this hatred? I feel like I need a shower after watching them. The guy who filmed this has mucho courage.

Mack Coleman

Ugh, these people are unstable. Why can't they try a little love and caring?

Mars Goldberg

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Tasha Woyseck

This makes me cry for my country. I want my country to be the caring example for the rest of the world, not this hate filled mess.

Marcie Yates

This is what years of Fox News and right wing hate radio breed. We need to stand up to this hatred. Jesus and Buddah would not condone this hatred.

Boyo Boy

These peeps are a mob.

Fish Market

Those people in that video are NOT the face of America. Those people are very disturbed individuals.

I <3 Apple

very sad display of hate. But hey I am encouraged by your words and your readers. Y'all rock!

Alexa TX


I voted for Bush twice, sorry to say. But I admit my mistakes, and I see clearly the real face of the Republican party. It is NOT less government. It is not compassionate. It is a government of intimidation, mocking, and division. It is never was acceptable, but now it is totally unacceptable.

jungle jim

Palin is Moose-a-lini

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