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You betcha I won't be votin' for Ms. Perky and Mr. Cranky. We need stable people in charge, and moose huntress ain't it.


Based on your report, I think I can watch the tape of the debate and not cringe. You can always come to Europe, at least we don't have "hockey moms" (whatever that means) running for the highest offices.

Cork Decosta

She lost. She came off as not being a total blathering idiot, but in retrospect I can't remember a single policy position she really took.

It's gonna be a landslide for Obama, you betcha!

Cork Decosta

She lost. She came off as not being a total blathering idiot, but in retrospect I can't remember a single policy position she really took.

It's gonna be a landslide for Obama, you betcha!

Kev Barbecue

She was masterful, she was far more detailed on the issues than Biden. Biden looked lost, confused, couldn't make a complete sentence. Just kiddin'. As Cork said above, she came off as a "blathering idiot" (I like that term, I think I'll use it).

Broken Carr

Ya know, she came off as someone who is more fit to be on the PTA and has NO BUSINESS being anywhere near the US presidency.

Susanne Dae

She was awful. She alienated me and I used to vote Republican. Not this year.

BTW, that photo of her above makes me ill.

cheese wiz

she wuz like a robot.


nice post


The comments here are giving me quite the laugh. And I agree with you all. While she came off a bit more articulate than in some of her interviews, the bar at this point is so low for her that she's not even in Biden's league. HEr folksy presentations might be fine for the Mayor of a small town in Alaska, but they are far from presidential. Don't think for a moment we aren't making sure our passports are up to date, Hamburglar! ;-)

Green Tea Ice Cream

I read this from another site, and think it applies and is how Hillary supporters (including me) are feeling this morning:

Do Republicans and pundits think this is a Joke? We have well over 4000 US troops dead in a war that was waged on false economy in shambles...people losing their homes...unemployment rates out the roof....people dying because they cannot afford Healthcare...a current administration that has violated the US Constitution, exceeded their powers over and over again...and people are turning a blind eye to a "pitull with lipstick"!! Come on!!

Giving shout outs to Third Graders... Not answering questions...Eye winking...Acting like a giggling 15 year old. I was absolutely FLOORED!!

No, I wasn't a fan of Sarah Palin before the VP Debate, but as a woman...a citizen of this country, I am absolutely pissed at her performance! This completely unprofessional, unpresidential performance was not only an embarassment, but also a disgrace to every president and vice president who ever held that position! A disgrace to every woman who has fought for the right to be validated on an equal platform as men based on their skills, ideals, principles, and logic...NOT for how cute they can be!!

Today, the pundits are calling this a "Knockout" Performance (well considering how low the bar was set, that's not too hard). Joe Scarborough said: "People can now stop calling her an idiot". Really Joe? Is that with a "wink wink" and a great big "you betcha!" ?

These Republicans claim to "love" this country so much--but it's really their own party that they really love. Which clearly explains why they don't seem to care that Sarah Palin being Vice-President of the United States is as about as ridiculous as "Patrick" (Spongebob) running the Crusty Crab.

grand illusion

Newsflash: If McCain's goal was to get women on the Republican bandwagon, it was a major league fail.

Most woman know Sarah all too well. She is the one that gets raises at the office because she can flirt, but she can't even type.


Grand Illusion: I completely agree. I know of only 2 women supporting her and both are long-time republicans. Interestingly enough, one is retired and on a limited income and the other just got laid off (at the same time her husband was laid off) and will have health care benefits only for 2 months. I can't imagine what either of them are thinking, or perhaps that's the problem - they aren't thinking at all!


Green Tea Ice Cream: I completely agree 100% and I feel the same way that you do. Palin is setting a bad example all the way around and she's sending the wrong message to our children and to society: It's OK to cut corners as long as you can con yourself a front row seat. I felt like the bar was already set so low at the debate that she surpassed my expectations just by showing up. Quite honestly, I half expected the Republicans to get her out of it somehow. But of course, they will claim victory. What else can they claim?

Cool Jeans

If you ramble to yourself at the bus station you would be called "crazy".

If you're a "conservative" politician and you ramble to a camera at a national debate, it's considered "folksy."

Send Palin back to the Wasila Greyhound station and leave the driving to us.


McCain blinks and Palin winks a lot

Blinky and Winky are not what America needs!


All the women I know hated her performance. Every one. But that said, the republican party is the party of the white rich men and stepford wives. Palin brings in the men and her campaign isn't targeted toward women.

Last night the sugar was laid on thick. I don't think most voters bought it, but those adolescent men who are stuck with 15 year old anger management mental processes who watch Bill O'Reilly, they are probably ecstatic about Palin.


Here are my thoughts. I do not resent Palin because of her looks. Yes she is attractive, but I hate that she always uses her appearance to act like a cute little girl: to flirt, wink, and to come onto men. That's what all that is and we women know it.

I know one like her at work and we all do. She flirts with the men in power, flings back her hair and does the asinine neck thing. It is totally despicable, and every woman knows what she is trying to do.

Here's the funny thing too. When she's around women who are in power she will suddenly act professional and the hair will stay in place and the neck stays normal.

Face it, men hated Hillary because she is smart and doesn't play those games. She thinks instead of flirts, and that makes all the difference.


> men hated Hillary because she is smart
> and doesn't play those games.

I don't disagree with this but will point out that a lot of men do respect Hillary and do admire women who are intelligent. To me this is the most offensive thing about Palin. I voted for Hillary because I admire her. I will vote against Palin because she is a thin veneer of a lie.

football guy

Hi. Another guy here who dislikes Palin. Here's the real Sarah Palin. Be prepared to be shocked. Why isn't the mainstream media showing this video?


I think the Republican's maneuver to find a token female for the ballot will blow up in their faces. It would have been completely different had they found McCain a running mate that was well know and respected. But Palin is virtually unknown, expect to those in Alaska. She has not received a lot of credibility and their are a lot of questions and black holes that surround her nomination.

I am appreciative for the comments here, both male and female, because this sampling of comments reflects the bigger picture.

I thought we had reached a new low with George Bush, but Palin is raising all kinds of red flags and negative emotional reactions from people.

Personally, I can't wait until all of this is over and Mrs. Palin returns to the soccer fields of Alaska.

Someone who was curious

" Hi. Another guy here who dislikes Palin. Here's
the real Sarah Palin. Be prepared to be shocked.
Why isn't the mainstream media showing this

Football Guy: I have no idea why the mainstream media isn't playing this video all over the place. It seems telling of her personality. First of all, it's just kind of freaky. Secondly, I think she shows her true colors in asking a preacher to bequest and entire congregation to pray for her political aspirations. Aren't there more important things to pray for than to make her govenor????

Things like this leave me speechless ... well, almost.

Music Boy

The quality of this video is lousy, but Bruce Springsteen today has the words that should make us all proud:

Now is the Time

It is time for all people of good hearts to come together, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, or false borders, and to stand up, to work together to make this planet a better place. It is no longer acceptable to sit back in fear. Get up on your feet and make it happen:

Now is the Time

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